How to make Origami furniture

Today let me show you all the furniture in the Shoe Box Doll House. This is a dollhouse made from empty shoe boxes I found in the closet and some pieces of cardboard during the Corvid19 stay home period.

If you take out all the furniture from the house, it looks like this.

Let me sort them out by room.

Attic:  Storage1, Kids’ bedroom, Storage2
Second floor: Kids’ study/play room, Bath room, Bed/study room
Ground floor: Japanese room, Living room, Dining&Kitchen

You can make all the furniture with standard origami (15cmx15cm) although sometimes you need to cut it in half (15cmx7.5cm) or even smaller.

Please visit the You Tube channel “Little Happiness Origami” if you want to make some by yourself. You can find the videos like this “How to make a desk and a chair” and more. Let’s enjoy origami together!